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Now in its 23rd year, this programme will once again bring you the latest expert views and information on the big issues facing businesses today. These seminars give you direct access to our partners' knowledge and expertise. They give you the guidance you need to tackle today's rapidly-evolving markets. The seminars are complemented by our range of online services, which are updated constantly and bring you the facts and analysis you need on a host of topics. You can access these resources by clicking on 'online services' on the homepage of, or by speaking to your relationship contact at the firm. The 2017 Seminar Programme attracted over 2,000 people from a range of sectors. With a range of important issues covered in this new programme, we have every confidence that you will continue to find them useful.

Wim Dejonghe & Andrew Ballheimer

Senior Partner & Managing Partner

Wim and Andrew

Online services

Allen & Overy’s other online services are accessed via a single, tailored web page and help our clients to manage risks, keep up to date and share information. Clients can register for email alerts on the subjects they are interested in or securely share their documents. To view our online resources, click here.

Annual Review 2017

Leading in uncertain times.

As technology continues to transform the corporate landscape at an accelerating pace, we explore how businesses are being propelled into positions of global leadership while more established players are consolidating and adopting alternative delivery systems.

The challenges of achieving societal acceptance and new regulatory frameworks for emerging technologies and business models are huge at a time when the political and economic consensus of recent times is shifting towards protectionist and nationalist agendas.

In the 2017 edition of our market-leading review we team-up with five key clients to look at the shifts that are transforming their markets and industries.

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Members of the press

Please note that our seminars are not open to members of the press. We do, however, run regular media breakfast briefings. If you are interested in any of the content from the seminar series, or would like to know more about our media briefings, please contact our PR team on