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Artificial Intelligence v Human Intelligence: where are the legaltech battle lines being drawn?

Wed 12 Dec

8:30 am to 9:30 am

Jonathan Brayne - Management, Partner & Chair of Fuse - Profile

Kevin Oliver - Legal Technology Group, Head of Advanced Delivery - Profile

Saleh Abukmeil - Advanced Delivery, Legal Technology Group, Senior Engagement Manager - Profile


 This seminar aims to provide insights into how artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied to legal tasks to increase efficiency and accuracy, streamline workflow, produce innovative solutions to problems, and address the increasing burden of regulatory compliance. It will cover the different technology approaches; outline the factors which need to be considered when selecting the optimum approach; consider the level of human involvement required; and highlight some examples of successful use cases.

Location: One Bishops Square, London, E1 6AD

This seminar qualifies for 1 CPD point/s

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