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Post-termination restrictions: it’s all in the strategy

Wed 09 Oct

8:30 am to 9:30 am

Sarah Henchoz - Litigation Employment, Partner - Profile

Karen Seward - Litigation Employment, Partner - Profile

Robbie Sinclair - Litigation Employment, Senior Associate - Profile


 Managing strategy and risk of restrictive covenants – achieving an elegant exit for all concerned. Losing a valued employee or team to a competitor is never an easy situation. Quick decisions need to be taken that can have significant consequences. As the current employer your focus will be on protecting your business and quickly. As the departing employee, you will want to achieve an elegant exit that allows you to start work for your new employer as soon as possible and not lose valuable client contacts or business knowledge in the meantime. As the new employer you will want your new hire quickly but are unlikely to want the positive message of their hire diluted against the backdrop of messy litigation with the former employer. Every party in the triangle will have different objectives and it is all too easy to get it wrong. The strategic decisions you have to make often at haste, matter and could make the difference between achieving an elegant exit or ending up in expensive litigation. In this seminar Sarah Henchoz, Karen Seward and Robbie Sinclair will each take the perspective of the current employer, the employee and the new employer to show the strategy and tactics each party should have in mind to get it right, from the early stages where the employee is preparing to leave all the way through to injunctive relief.

Location: One Bishops Square, London, E1 6AD

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