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Operationalising data and ethics

Wed 27 Nov

8:30 am to 9:30 am

Karishma Brahmbhatt - Corporate, Senior Associate - Profile

Jane Finlayson-Brown - Corporate, Partner - Profile

David Smith - Data Protection, Special Advisor - Profile

William Samengo-Turner - Corporate, Partner - Profile


 With the likes of mobile, blockchain and artificial intelligence reshaping traditional business models, we are seeing the emergence of a new trend threatening to disrupt these disruptive technologies – data ethics. Data ethics is rapidly becoming one of the most important strategic and operationally complex risk management challenges facing organisations. It is the study and evaluation of moral problems relating to data, algorithms and corresponding practices to formulate and support morally good solutions; in practice, data ethics embodies the difference between what organisations can do with data, and what they should do with data. In other words, where legislation and regulation form the letter of the law, data ethics represents the spirit of the law. An organisation could face significant consequences including loss of customer trust, regulatory investigation, and investor backlash if it is perceived to be using data in an underhand or reckless way. Indeed, investors are actively urging companies to remedy perceived ethical deficiencies in their data management practices, suggesting that it is only a matter of time before data ethics makes its way on to the environment, social and governance (usually referred to as “ESG”) agenda of organisations. This session will offer a number of suggestions for how organisations may operationalise data ethics and shift mindset from a compliance/tick-box approach to an approach based on values and principles.

Location: One Bishops Square, London, E1 6AD

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