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Welcome to the 2020 Allen & Overy Seminar Programme

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Tue 1 December 2020
8.30am - 9.30am

Virtual seminar - Investigating conduct and culture

How do you approach an investigation which has both individual misconduct and implications for the wider culture of the firm? This is often the case where the misconduct relates to bullying, harassment or any form of discrimination or retaliation. This seminar will bring together our experts across employment, regulatory and white collar crime to highlight the multi-dimensional layering to investigations of this nature alongside the need to view what is going on within a firm holistically. Robbie Sinclair, Vicky Wickremeratne, Sarah Hitchins and Eve Giles will provide best practice advice on how to tackle the thorny issues involved in these investigations.
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Tue 8 December 2020
4.00pm - 5.15pm

Virtual seminar - Fraud and Corruption: staying vigilant and spotting red flags

Fraud and corruption have always been on the agenda for government authorities, but with a number of high-profile cases coming to light over the past few months and with remote working being the norm, staying vigilant is more difficult than ever. During this session we will hear from Richard Bistrong, a former international sales executive who signed a cooperation agreement with the DOJ in 2007 related to FCPA charges. He was provided immunity from prosecution in the UK, but served a 14-month sentence in U.S. federal prison. Richard will provide insight into how organisations can prevent fraud and corruption within their businesses, and thoughts on managing compliance. Our U.S. and UK-based investigations lawyers will also identify ways to spot red flags and review new compliance guidelines from the DOJ and other regulators.
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Thu 10 December 2020
9.00am - 10.00am

Virtual seminar - Dispute resolution in 2020 and beyond – What do you really need to know?

2020 has been an unpredictable year for corporates. We have seen a significant increase in disputes across a range of areas and some notable judgments from the courts. Focusing on English law, this webinar will highlight the most important developments and cover the key practical points for your business. We will cover: • Crisis management and legal resilience • Contractual disputes • Data protection and cybersecurity • Privilege • Financial crime • Looking ahead – what next for 2021? The session will provide a succinct summary of what you need to know.
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Mon 14 December 2020
12.30pm - 1.30pm

Virtual seminar - Recent problems with exclusion clauses

This seminar will review a number of recent decisions of the English courts which have focused on exclusion (and limitation) clauses. These cases raise a number of key questions. Are there special rules of interpretation for exclusion clauses? Will liability for loss of profit be excluded by a clause that excludes liability for ‘any indirect or consequential loss’? How effective are standard form exclusion clauses found in debentures and intercreditor agreements? When can liability be excluded for ‘lost goodwill’?
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Thu 28 January 2021
8.30am - 9.30am

Virtual seminar - ESG/Sustainability – an update for banks, investment firms and asset/fund managers

ESG/sustainability continues to be top of the agenda in the financial services industry, with a vast array of new policy proposals and requirements targeting the financial services sector coming in to force imminently in the EU and UK, as well as international standards and initiatives. In this seminar we will provide an update on recent developments of particular interest, consider what each will mean in practice and outline immediate steps financial services firms should be taking now.
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