Kate Sumpter

Financial Services Regulatory, Allen & Overy London - Partner

Speaker Profile

Bank resolution and capital - an update on TLAC and MREL
Brexit - One year to go
Financial services regulation in 2019 – don’t mention the B-word
BRRD II, MREL and TLAC: the revised European bank resolution regime
Convergence, divergence and disturbance: What’s next for financial regulation in Europe?
2020 vision – scanning the Financial Regulation horizon
Postponed - LIBOR transition – a spotlight on conduct risk
Virtual seminar - Re-scanning the Financial Regulation horizon
Virtual Seminar - Recovery and resolution: the third wave
Virtual seminar - ESG/Sustainability - Recent developments for banks, investment firms and asset/fund managers
Virtual seminar - ESG/Sustainability – an update for banks, investment firms and asset/fund managers
Virtual seminar - 2021 - The Sunlit Uplands
Virtual Seminar - Update for banks, banking groups and investment firms on new remuneration requirements
Virtual seminar - The future of cross-border financial services business into the UK
Virtual seminar - UK prudential reform: the UK’s CRR2
Virtual seminar - 2022 - The year in regulation
Virtual seminar - Operational Resilience: the FCA and PRA’s new regimes
Virtual seminar - The year ahead in ESG - update for UK financial services firms
Virtual seminar - Greenwashing update 2022
Virtual seminar - Regulating service providers ‘critical’ to the financial sector: what will this mean?
Virtual seminar - Greenwashing update 2023
Virtual seminar - Resolution and revolution: beware the Ides of March?
Virtual seminar - Financial stability and the role of deposit protection
Virtual seminar - A smarter ring-fencing regime
Virtual seminar - 2024: Regulation gets 'smart'?
Virtual seminar - Greenwashing Update 2024
Virtual seminar - One year on from the bank failures of 2023: policy impacts
Virtual seminar - Developments in depositor protection: Reflecting changing markets and political sensitivities

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