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Welcome to the 2018 Allen & Overy Seminar Programme

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Mon 16 April 2018
12.30pm - 1.30pm

International sanctions update

The seminar will look at recent developments in sanctions, with a particular focus on Iran, Russia, North Korea and Venezuela. We will consider the diligence that should be carried out by corporates and financial institutions on proposed counterparties, and the type of contractual protections being sought in M&A transactions and finance agreements. We will discuss UK developments in relation to the enforcement of financial sanctions in the UK, and the potential impact of Brexit on the sanctions landscape. We will also look at what we have learned about the Trump Administration’s approach to sanctions since President Trump first came into office in January 2017 and how that approach is impacting global transactions.
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Tue 15 May 2018
8.30am - 9.30am

G20 derivatives regulation - regulatory equivalence

In this seminar, we explore regulatory equivalence in key G20 nations, including its take-up and the differing frameworks. We identify some important equivalence decisions (referred to in the US as ‘comparability determinations’), assess whether regulatory regimes are working in harmony or are diverging across G20 nations and consider the possible impact of Brexit. This seminar will be of interest to general counsel, in-house lawyers responsible for providing legal advice to derivative operations and the regulatory compliance function across all financial entity types and across all regions. Registration will open one month prior to the seminar.
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Wed 23 May 2018
12.30pm - 1.30pm

Trends in public M&A

This seminar will focus on recent trends in public M&A. The seminar will be led by Allen & Overy partner, Richard Hough, and Allen & Overy partner, Seth Jones, both of whom have been seconded to the UK Takeover Panel. Registration will open one month prior.
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